Calls only work Through Wi-Fi.


    I've had this phone for around two years, and I've been experiencing this problem for maybe 6 months. I see that many people had the same problem where you can't hear anything during calls and the receiver can't hear you either. It says it's calling and it connects, but no sound whatsoever. I also see that there's not really an effective solution to this as far as I can see. I've tried everything I saw online, but still nothing. I got it to work once or twice but it would stop working right after.
    Wi-Fi calling works fine, but I don't have access to Wi-Fi at all times, and that's why I have a cellphone. To communicate without Wi-Fi. Calls on other apps like Facebook Messenger works just fine.


    I'm just getting very frustrated because I get job related calls and if I'm not connected to Wi-Fi, I miss the call.
    Please help.

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