Update/Upgrade standard SIM to nano SIM?


    T-Mobile chat support has been giving me conflicting answers.


    I am on prepaid, Pay As You Go - Legacy plan, and would like to keep it that way but I need a new size SIM card.


    I have the old standard size SIM, but cannot use a SIM cutter for it since the parts of the SIM would get cut off (very old SIM probably from 8+ years ago).


    I would like to transfer to a nano SIM (new device requires micro but I have a nano-to-micro SIM adapter), but maintain my Pay As You Go - Legacy Plan.


    One said that the "Prepaid 3-in-1 SIM Starter Kit" is what I need. One said that is for new customers only. I used to hear that T-Mo upgrades SIM cards to a new size for free when you call 611 but I believe that is not the case anymore (I called a few months ago).


    I refuse to purchase from a physical T-Mobile Store because they charge $14.99 for the SIM card.

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