Why did my gear s2 stop receiving texts and calls AGAIN??


    First I had the classic, it worked flawlessly. I wanted to go for a more feminine look so I switch from the classic to the silver gear s2. At first it was fine. I was getting all notifications. Then I wasn't getting calls, texts. I read some forums online, a few people said a factory reset on the watch did the trick, tried that and no luck. Called tmobile support, not sure what the lady did whom helped me but the issue was resolved after. 2 days later I'm not getting calls or texts to the watch again. This is really frustrating. I had to pay a $50 restocking fee to swap the watch. The first watch I had was fine!!


    I've also noticed if I go to settings, sound, vibration, "vibrate for incoming calls" and "vibrate for new notifications" is not checked off, I can't even turn them on.


    I've done a light reset, a factory reset, uninstalled the samnsung gear app on the phone and reinstalled, turned the watch off and back on. Nothing has worked!

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      • tmo_lauren

        Thanks so much for reaching out!


        Our Support for the Gear is limited and most is directed to Samsung, but we will do our best to see what we can help you figure out.


        Are you using a third party text app, or just going through the native SMS system from your device itself?


        What device are you using paired with your Gear? Have you tried it synced with any other devices to see if it replicates the problems?