Why no love for current customers?

    I've had a family plan with 4 lines with T-Mobile for about 2 1/2 years. My phones are all that old as well -- they were all purchased on the installment plan when we first joined T-Mobile. So, when I saw T-Mobile's recent buy-one-get-one-free (BOGOF) offer for Samsung phones, I thought it would be the perfect time to upgrade.


    However, a chat session with a T-M sales rep revealed that BOGOF is only available if you add another line. The rep suggested a call to T-M's "Loyalty Dept" (611 from your T-M phone) to see if there were deals for current customers, but all the rep there did was confirm what I was told via chat. To upgrade all 4 lines with Samsung phones, T-M wants me pay full price for 4 phones. While I can understand the reasons for not getting a full BOGOF deal, still, extend an offer like this to new customers while having no incentive at all for existing customers? That sucks.


    This is particularly annoying given the fact that all the other major carriers have the same BOGOF deal. So, this means I can get 4 phones for the price of 2 by simply switching carriers. For all the work that T-M puts in to get people to switch from other carriers (plan buyouts, etc.), you would think T-M would show at least a little love to those customers once they DO switch. Instead, I'm now going thru the numbers to figure out which of the other carriers is going to get my business for the next 2 (or more) years. Oh well, maybe I'll be back in a few years when T-M offers BOGOF on the S-10 to "new" customers.

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      • tmo_mike_c

        Re: Why no love for current customers?

        It makes me sad to hear we've made you feel like this mogulbuster. Current customer's are able to take advantage of this. Adding a line is part of the offer. For what it's worth, some of our past offers had these same terms in order to get the additional phone free. I understand you have to make the best choice for you and your family but I'd like you to keep in mind just few other ways T-Mobile shows love to their existing customers. For example, our rate plans give you the biggest bang for your buck. Our music and video streaming services are great perks but can cost a fortune with other carriers. Again, these are just my thoughts on some ways T-Mobile shows love through the savings, that's all. I do hope we'll get you back on Team Magenta someday. I'm sure we'll continue to keep rolling out offers in the future and I hope they'll meet your needs. Thanks for stopping by and giving us feedback. It's always appreciated.