Z-917 in car


    If I keep my Z-917 plugged into power in my car, will it start up when I start my car?

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      • smplyunprdctble

        Re: Z-917 in car

        At minimum, it depends on how the power in your car works.


        Some vehicles keep power on all the time.  Some will only activate power when the vehicle turns on.


        As for whether or not it will power on, you can do that test yourself.  Take the device and unplug it.  Does it turn off?  Now, plug it in.  Does it turn on?  These are the same things that would happen in your car.


        (I say to test yourself because I don't have the device to test it, but it's a simple test that you can perform yourself)

        • netzack

          Re: Z-917 in car

          So- I purchased the device, and it does exactly what I wanted.  As long as the battery is in, and the outlets in your car get power when the car is turned on... the hotspot immediately powers up and starts working.  When I turn my car off, the hotspot continues to work until the battery runs out.  When it's not being used, the battery lasts an amazingly long time.