iPhone settings for travel in Europe


    I will be traveling to Greece soon. I am on the Simple Choice 2 GB plan. Please remind me of iPhone settings I will need to have in order to use international roaming. I believe I have to turn Roaming on. Is that right? Do I have to turn LTE off? Anything else?


    Is there anything I need to disable so as to avoid a surprise bill for extra services while traveling?


    I couldn't find anything about settings online. Thanks for your help!

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      • matesny

        Re: iPhone settings for travel in Europe

        There will be no surprise bills. Your phone will automatically connect to the roaming partner's network in Greece. You will receive a "Welcome" message from T-Mobile the moment your roaming is activated!

        You may also want to check your Data Roaming settings and turn it on if it is off, as Simple Choice plans also include free data roaming (at lower speeds).

          • kateo

            Re: iPhone settings for travel in Europe

            Thanks for your response! The reason I'm posting this question is that I

            did have issues connecting last summer in Sweden. It didn't all happen

            automatically. I think I got the welcome message, but wasn't able to access

            email or web pages unless I was on wifi. I called the International Support

            number, and got great assistance--but I'm not sure I remember everything

            they told me. I'm almost positive that I had to turn LTE off last June in

            Sweden in order to get it to work.

              • matesny

                Re: iPhone settings for travel in Europe

                That is "Data Roaming".

                Email, Web... uses data network. Unless your data roaming is on,  normal behavior is they work only while you're on WiFi.

                Turn "Data Roaming" on (not sure where that setting is on iPhone, I hate iPhones ) and that's it.

                You may not get anything while on a cruise or a boat hopping between the Greek Islands. Been there Done that.

            • drnewcomb2

              Re: iPhone settings for travel in Europe

              What iPhone are you taking with you? I suggest that you:

              1. Get your phone unlocked.
              2. Use both a SIM PIN and screen lock.
              3. Get your PUK and keep it in a safe place
              4. Order a spare SIM and keep it safe too.
              5. Make sure that your WiFi Calling works.
              6. Consider your backup plan if roaming does not work.
              7. Read the information in the International section.
                • matesny

                  Re: iPhone settings for travel in Europe

                  If you need a LOT OF Data, like if you do everything on your phone, the included roaming speeds will make you "suffer"!

                  Last year I was able to insert a data only local SIM in Greece that worked fine and was reloadable OTA.

                  In Turkey though, there was no such thing, you had to provide your IMEI and fake yourself as a Turkish Citizen in order to obtain a local SIM!!! (or buy one on the black market for twice the money and you could not reload them OTA!)

                  So if you have a stop in Turkey, leavingbrooklyn.jpg

                • drnewcomb2

                  Re: iPhone settings for travel in Europe

                  Also, keep in mind that if you take a ferry (e.g. Piraeus - Crete), the rates on the ferry's onboard cellular system will be much higher than the rates on land.