Rocket 2.0 (MF691) connecting with Linux


    I have a Rocket 2.0 (MF691) which will connect just fine with Windows XP, but I can't make it work with Linux. I've been searching the internet on how to connect but I'm not having much luck.


    I've tried the built in Gnome configuration tool and also wvdial based on settings others have used.


    In Fedora, I can get it to give me a solid blue light and I get an IP address, but there is no routing. I can't ping anything on the internet.


    Can someone help?


    I'm looking to build a mobile device (prototype is with a Raspberry Pi) that can log various info (GPS, video/photos), then upload it to a website for viewing. I need a USB device instead of a hotspot because I'm hoping to set up a VPN with the machine the data is being uploaded to.



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