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    T-Mobile blocked my iPhone 6 after using 6 months


      T-Mobile blocked my iPhone 6. I cannot afford a new phone & since 2 weeks I have no network or connection in my phone.  I had bought a T-Mobile iPhone 6 with new box & accessories from a person in Craiglist, who told me he just bought it new condition from eBay one week ago but now switched on iPhone 6 Plus. That's why he wanna sell it. I checked the iPhone IMEI and it did not appear on the blocked list & had a warranty from Apple. So, I bought it for $420. I never had any issue to use this phone. Now 6 months later T-Mobile has blocked my iPhone and told me that someone else bought the phone and stopped paying on their account. So, they blocked my phone.  My problem is that T-Mobile had no issue with me using this iPhone 6 when I registered it with SIM card in my account when they knew that this other person was still paying for it. The customer care person don't even bothered to warn me about the situation. After 6 months I've using the phone, they just blocked the phone without even giving a notice.  Really poor customer service! They sell a phone to someone on a payment schedule, that person sells it to a third party who in turn sells it to someone on a budget and finally the user person's loss. And, I strongly believe that T-mobile have responsibility to creat & increase this kind of scam. They should better to change their policy about this kind of situation & warn when the actual phone buyer & user is different. If they don't do that, they should be responsible for the user loss. They should compensate the user loss, since they ignored their responsibility & not protect their customer from scam. It seems, T-mobile only care about their business, no matter how their customer is suffer from their irresponsibility.

      Again,I have already filled a police complaint about it. I have been using T-Mobile since 2009 & they don't even care that I havn't any cell connection since 2 weeks & it's all they did with me.

      Does anyone know, how can I get rid this kind of situation?

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          This will happen with any carrier. If IMEI checker will tell you of the person is making payments or not. The guy cheated you, and is common on buying used devices.

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            Only the original owner can resolve the issue. Unfortunately, there's nothing you can do to rectify the situation. If you have any way of reaching the seller (which I suspect is unlikely at this point), demand a refund from them.

            Assuming you can't get the situation straightened out with the seller, report the seller to the police for fraud, and write the loss off your taxes as a theft.

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              nelufa09 wrote:


              Does anyone know, how can I get rid this kind of situation?

              Buy a cheap prepaid phone you can afford and move on.

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                This one is always a tough one nelufa09. The sad thing is that others that buy phones from 3rd party companies have the same thing happen to them. Just to piggyback off what was mentioned already, the original owner would need to pay off the device in order for it to be unblocked. Working with them to get a refund for it would be the other option.

                When things like this happen it always stems from the seller not to fully pay for a phone. Since the EIP was set up between the seller and T-Mobile, it would be the sellers responsibility to make sure the phone is paid off before they try to sell it.

                The other thing I'll mention is buying directly from us is always the better move. We make sure you can use the phone and avoid situations like this. When you buy from a 3rd party source, we can't keep this from happening.