LG G Stylo won't connect to T-Mobile network without Wi-Fi


    Hello all,


    I recently bought a used T-Mobile LG G Stylo and got it activated yesterday. The representative at the kiosk told me it would take no more than 24 hours for my phone service to be full activated, so I waited. When I woke up this morning, my lockscreen showed that I was connected to the T-Mobile network, but as I left my house on my way to work it said 'Searching", like it did when I had just activated my phone.


    I played around with it today at work and found that the mobile network only works if I have my wifi and wifi calling turned on. If I turn off my wifi, the network immediately goes to "searching". If I turn off wifi calling and leave the wifi on, the network immediately goes to "searching". When I am connected to wifi, I am able to reciveve texts and calls, although I cannot use data. I would like to get this fixed without having to call support, but if I have to, I will.

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