T-mobile Binge On using up my high speed data.


    I currently have a unlimited call and text family plan and we have binge on enabled. However, when any of us uses it, it counts towards our 2.5G of high speed data. Netflix videos are also not streaming on 480p but on whatever setting we have on. Is there a way so that Binge on will not use up our high speed data because that's whats keeping us from using.

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      • johnsmith123

        We made SURE binge on was enabled but it still doesn't work on Netflix

        • tidbits

          The only way is to force streaming at or below 480P.

          • tmo_mike_c

            Hi johnsmith123 and thanks for letting us know about this.


            Have you checked the video quality settings that tidbits recommended? It's a great step and could be what's causing the data usage.

            • gids.barcel



              Sounds like you're currently subscribed to a data bucket which is not eligible for free streaming of Binge on. Based on Binge On page, you must have 3GB bucket or higher in order for the high speed data to not count. You mentioned you only have 2.5GB, so it's normal that streaming is eating up your bucket.

              • wanted01

                I'm having the same problem and I have at least 3gb data.  Doesn't matter which service or stream rate I use, either.  I'm really confused as everything in writing says I should have it, and customer support even confirmed it.  The tech guys all edge it's on.  My Netflix and Amazon video apps were downloaded from the play store. 


                I'm really wanting this fixed as this issue has been happening on two phones.

                • spinkchick

                  I have been  having the same problem and I am soooo frustrated. I have called Tmobile customer service 3 months in a row because Netflix is using up my data by the 10th day in cycle. The first month the tech guy said it was because I was using the Mobile Hot Spot to watch on my desk top. He said maybe there was background updates going on in the computer that could be using data. He suggested we watch on a smart tv. The second month we tried using the Hot Spot to watch on our smart TV and the same thing happened.  I called again and the tech said my smart TV may also be using data for upgrades and  I must be using up my data on other apps like Facebook. I asked him to look at my data usage before binge on and he confirmed I hardly ever used 3 GB per month. I kept telling him that my use of other apps had not changed. He suggested I upgrade my data plan so I did. I went from 3GB to 6GB. This third month I ran through 4.8GB by the 10th of the month and my new phone provides the breakdown of data usage, more than half on Netflix!  I called very upset and the tech argued with me, telling me it was impossible for Netflix to be using my data and that I must just be using Facebook too much. He finally agreed to send the complaint to another tech department for further review. It's been 4 days and still have not heard back. I would love to be able to enjoy the service but so far my experience has left a bad taste in my mouth. I know this is a free feature but I feel like it's trying to force me to upgrade my data. I also don't like being called a liar.

                    • spinkchick

                      Oh and by the way yes I am sure my binge on is on. And this month I was watching netflix on my phone only. I also purposenot to use any of my other apps add much as I am used to just so I can see how long my data will last. This issue had really affected the way I enjoy phone and the service overall. If this doesn't get resolved I will just have to stop using netflix.

                      • wanted01

                        My experience was better, but unfortunately I got similar results.  The customer support guys say I should have it, the tech guys say I do have it and there's no way this should be happening.  Yet all my stashed data is gone and it keeps hitting data caps now that I stream with it.  In my case, I use Hulu and Amazon video.   

                        My only frustration is that it's never worked and I'm certain it's not a hardware issue or an app issue.  I used the S6, and currently now use the S7.  I would like to be able to use my phone for both work and play without having to choose the priority that month.  What would be a fairytale ending to this saga is if my binge on was fixed and working.

                      • wanted01

                        So a couple of days have passed and I've been watching my data like a hawk.  I'm currently at .7gb.  Looking at the breakdown of what's using my data, it's the Hulu app as I started streaming after my last post.  The app is eating my data and not streaming for free.  My binge on is clearly not working and is counting against my data. 


                        Hulu is currently set to the lowest streaming quality it let's me, and my binge on was personally reset by myself. 

                          • tidbits

                            Re: T-mobile Binge On using up my high speed data.

                            The advertising doesn't get 0 rated as Hulu uses different addresses between the two.

                            • spinkchick

                              I have also been monitoring my data use since I changed the setting on the netflix app. It sends to be using my data still but at a much slower rate. I also tried using mobile hot spot to watch netflix on tv, which I am supposed to be asked to do with binge on, and that ate my data quick. I am now at 5.1GB used out of 6GB with about 10 days in my cycle



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                                • tmo_lauren

                                  If you are confident your settings are set up properly and you are still being charged for data incorrectly, we do suggest you contact us directly so we can check out your account directly!


                                  Contact Us

                                  • emmasurf

                                    I've been told since i started TRYING to use bingeon that no one else has data usage like i saw.  I'm  10gb plan and i did due diligence i thought contacting support prior to using it.  The first attempt was big brother 2 hr premiere which chewed thru a huge amount of data.  I was  told  Is the commercials they still count toward your data.  So tried  hulu commercial free immediately huge data use.  I've tried sling,  hulu,  downloaded all apps on your list but nothing seems to help.  So i basically cut back watching and was under  10gb when my service was as bad as in  previous  months  (cell tower bouncing).  Support says  i was  prioritized because i used  too much bandwidth even though not exceeding data.  Tickets opened with no follow up etc. 


                                    Contacted support again to see what tools i could use to monitor data bandwidth etc  told none.  Then  was told I'd get  data reset so they could troubleshoot but call disconnected.  Call  back  and  no notes on file.  Then someone  i have no idea who  switched me to  unlimited.  That didn't troubleshoot but whatever. There was no  charge.  On thr first day of billing checked and still unltd w no chg.  However  (I'm secondary  on acct)  a week later primary calls saying  there  us addl 45$ on top of reg charge.  This is the reason i refused to be  authorized on  acct because of  repeated reports of TM saying  changes are ordered when they weren't.  So  now  I'm  still in same boat except i don't think i can  endure the 45th hr long  call w no resolution.  I don't want anything for free.  I want to know what is not working properly.  And being told to turn off data every time i move is not realistic. And  being  called  Dear is inappropriate and condescending as on last call (although you can call me anything once the problem is resolved)

                                • wanted01

                                  Lauren, with all due respect I've danced this dance already only to have your tech guys tell the service reps everything is as it should be and there's no way streaming should be capping my data. 

                                  Even if I use my amazon video which has no commercials, same issue.   Until now, I have not been able to get you (t-mobile)  to re-engage me to resolve this issue.


                                  I've been told flat out in the store and by customer service I have binge on as part of my plan. Technically, I'm paying for it and want what I'm paying for.  To that end, if the isdue is on my end it's because I've been led astray by customer service and tech support.   How about a step by step walk through of EXACTLY how to set the appstage correctly to work with binge on as advertised.

                                  • marvinpython

                                    Be sure that it is not just your phones determination of data used, it will measure the data expenditure regardless of whether or not t-mobile does. So to be sure check your account to see how much data you have used according to t-mobile rather than by your phone.

                                      • tmo_lauren

                                        I think it's personally reasonable to want to have something that's included in your services, I get that.


                                        I don't have account access from my position here as one of the community managers, but it does sound like a ticket needs to be filed and looked into. I would suggest our T-Force team that can be found on FB and Twitter, and you are free to link them here so you don't have to explain the entire situation again and let them go from there! Contact Us

                                          • magenta6607432



                                            I'm also in the same situation.

                                            I have two phones on 6GB plan on each phone.


                                            We watch Youtube and Amazon video mostly, using the corresponding apps.

                                            I triple checked on the website that my Binge On is enabled.


                                            But still, we used up all our data and even the data stash as well.


                                            Youtube, we watch at 360p or 480p.

                                            Amazon, we watch at SD setting.


                                            Looks like Binge On is not working for us.


                                            In store employees and customer support were no help to us...


                                            If this is how T-Mobile is trying to make you change to the T-Mobile One plan, we would rather go to an another carrier...

                                        • nick3691373

                                          I have used binge on for two years on a hot spot and I am very convinced that they make up the usage but none the less it was working. three mounts ago I went through 10gd in four day was like WHAT! Disconnected everything for the next month and only used Netflix's 4gbs in three day. Called T-Mobile and they told me that binge doesn't work on hot spots And has never. I explained to them that that was the only reason I got T-Mobile and how it was sold to me and that I had been using it for two years. They told me it must have been a fluke. I again explained that that was how it was sold to me and again they said it was never avalibile on a hot spot

                                            • barcodeable

                                              Either the Customer service person you talked to didn't know what they were saying, or they plainly lied to you.


                                              this is taken directly from T-Mobile's own website regarding BingeOn.

                                              You will need to call them up and tell them I said they are incorrect and tell them also to read their own website (GOTCHA)


                                              It's unbelievable that I know more about T-Mobile services than T-Mobile employees .



                                              Tethering has always worked with BingeOn.... and that's why I have it too!!!!


                                              I'm sure they told you that you should switch to the Tmobile One plan to get unlimited tethering,...lol... they are trying to trick you off of your simple Choice plan (don't let them trick you)...




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