GPS still not working after 3rd phone replacement


    I have the same problem with my GPS on my LG Stylo. I have called T-mobile and went into stores and all the troubleshooting steps have been taken, yet I find myself still without GPS access. The same response is given, I don't know what this issue is but I can sent you a replacement phone. Then I am charged a fee every time I am given a replacement phone. This has been the 3rd phone I received from T-mobile, the funny thing is my boyfriend has the exact same phone but with Metro pcs and his GPS works great. How do you be in the same car with the same phone, with 2 different service carriers one local and the other one nationwide and the GPS is not work with a known nationwide carrier? (If this is true) Metro pcs runs off T-mobile towers yet my GPS does not work on T-mobile towers, and my monthly service charges are higher than his.

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      • tmo_lauren

        Hey there!


        I haven't seen this formally reported as a known issue, but I have been seeing others with similar concerns. I have gone ahead and reached out to our content owner who works with LG directly to see if they have more info, but am waiting to hear back!


        Hopefully I'll have an update and some additional info for you soon!



          • tmo_lauren

            Aaaand I got a response sooner than expected.


            Can you please provide me your build number, Android OS version, and the exact error received. If you respond with that, I'll also be sending you a private message to collect IMEI!




                Hi I just noticed this.  I am quite a GPS buff and frustrated by this too.  What I have found so far:


                1) One issue which I discovered using it last night is GPS stops working if phone is too hot.  While that sounds like a nice "safety valve", it doesn't take much for this to happen and I know of no other phone that does this.  While I have heard from others this happens when their phone reaches 36C/97F, it doesn't happen for me until about 41C/105F and sometimes it still works at high temperature.  An app called CoolerMaster lets me monitor the phone's temperature in the background and try to cool it down.


                2) Another issue is it will get the satellites, then "drop" them for a few seconds then "pick them up" again.  This can be very annoying when using Google Maps and the "drop" is just enough to miss your turn or exit.  There are various apps that will try to prevent this from happening, the one I find works best with this phone is called GPS Locker.  You run the app first, let it pick up the satellites and get a location fix, then open Google Maps or whatever navigation program you want to use.  It will not fix it perfectly, but on a 1 hour trip I tried it one way and it only did the "drop" a couple of times wheres on the way back I didn't use the app and it "dropped" every couple of minutes.


                I hope that helps and keep us posted Lauren