Welcome HTC 10



    HTC 10 is now available from T-Mobile!


    It is the best high end smartphone, yet. Catering the needs of all sorts of advanced users.


    One item in the wishlist:


    --  ENABLE FM Radio.


    I know HTC M-series phones are capable of using FM radio. However HTC 10 does not have a kernel driver for the FM radio, in any version of it including the unlocked version. Just hoping an update would enable the FM radio driver sometime soon!


    I am taking out half a star for the lack of FM radio support but otherwise HTC 10 is well worth 5 stars

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      • tidbits

        Re: Welcome HTC 10

        that would be up to HTC.  All versions including international version doesn't have it.  I think it's more than the driver. if it was the driver the root community would have already enabled it with a custom kernel

        • matesny

          Re: Welcome HTC 10

          I'd like to report that I am having No Problems whatsoever with my HTC 10

          The radio is superb, I am able to latch on to weak LTE signals that I could not do with my Note 4!

          The Marshmallow version here is also the most robust Android I've ever experienced.

          Also a great selection of free themes and tones from HTC!