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    IPhone 6 purchased at Best Buy


      Recently my mom bought an iPhone 6 in BestBuy. Then she tried a line and the phone did not accept it. Sellers at the store told my mom that phone provider is Verizon, the phone also has a small piece of paper stuck on the back and says "carrier Verizon."

      Then she tried to unlock online with the parameters:

      IMEI: 356990060841915.

      Carrier: Verizon.


      After processing the order, they said that the phone was not blocked by Verizon but was blocked by T-Mobile. So the money could not be returned.


      My question is this.

      What can we do for T-Mobile unlocking us that phone.?

      The least expensive possible because I have spent enough money in the process.



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          Sorry I asked in the wrong category.

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            I would return the phone to Best Buy for a refund. Verizon phones are unlocked out of the box, so if it was sold as being VZW branded, it was falsely advertised.


            My usual source for determining iPhone branding does not work with your IMEI. TMO recognizes the IMEI #, so it likely is TMO branded. If so, you need to be a TMO customer in order for them to unlock your phone (see the unlock requirements). We cannot recommend specific 3rd party unlock services, but you are free to search the web to assess your options.



            iPhone 6

            128GB Space Gray

            North America/Verizon




            Model Number:A1549

            Order Number:MG4R2

            Board ID:n61ap

            FCC ID:BCG-E2816A


            Manufacture Date:December, 2014

            Production Week:51

            Phone Age:1 Year(s), 5 Month(s), 17 Day(s)

            Factory:F7 / China - Foxconn

            Introduction Date:September 9, 2014

            Discontinue Date:N/A

            Contract Status:Unknown

            Find My iPhone:OFF

            SIM Lock:Unknown

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              Sorry to hear your mom is having trouble using the phone ledian.gonzalez. I agree with e2k about returning the phone to Best Buy if Verizon is unable to unlock it for you. T-Mobile isn't able to unlock another carrier's phone. We do have our own version of the iPhone. Have you thought about getting it directly from one of our stores?