my lg g3 D851 shuts down on its own and there's no signal


    i bought a T mobile lg g3 D851  (unlocked) via amazon

    after a day the phone started to shut down randomly by itself (sometimes when i enable the mobile data)

    sometimes even restarts it self

    also 60% of the time . there's no signal and it says (searching) and after a while i get the notification that says  (restricted access changed : data service is blocked )

    (although there's a good signal where i am so obviously  it's not a carrier  problem )

    and just so you know i don't use a t mobile sim ,, and i don't live in the usa but the phone's supposed to be unlocked 

    the phone isn't rooted

    and i did a factory rest ,, i upgraded to 6.0 via lg pc suite but no thing changed

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