International Calling with Simple Global


    This is regarding calling to a T-Mobile US number that is roaming internationally.


    Let's say my family members are visiting Ireland, one of the Simple Global countries, and I am home in the US. We all have T-Mobile US numbers under the same Standard Simple Choice plan, no Stateside International Talk.


    1- I call them from my Cell Phone over Cell Tower or VoLTE -- NO CHARGE

    2- I call them using WiFi Calling -- NO CHARGE

    3- They call me using WiFi Calling -- NO CHARGE

    4- They call me using Roaming Partner's Cellular Network -- $0.20/min


    Now the tweaks:


    5- I call the hotel they are staying at, over WiFi or Cellular Network -- $1.99/min

    6- They call the hotel they are staying at, over WiFi or Cellular Network -- $0.20/min


    More Tweaks:


    7- I call my Cousin in Australia -- $1.99/min

    8- They call my cousin in Australia -- $0.20/min

        (here it would make perfect sense to call my wife and tell her to call my cousin and tell him to call me back )


    Maybe the industry needs to adopt reasonable rates for international calling. You can use a calling card and get a rate of 2 cents per minute to Ireland. I guess the industry is betting on times and places where calling cards and free wifi are out of reach!


    Seriously, If T-Mobile offered 10 cents per minute, or something as reasonable!, flat int'l rate to Simple Choice customers, I bet that would add a positive number to their bottom line.


    Surely, people don't like buying subscriptions (SIT) to pay lower rates on something they can easily get even lower rates without any subscriptions (Calling Cards, VoIPs, other ip based solutions).

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      • drnewcomb2

        Re: International Calling with Simple Global

        You've summed it up pretty well. There are also some strange things that happen if you call from a Simple Choice country to a non-Simple Choice country. Unless you are making international calls all the time, it's much more cost-effective to use some alternative, rather than paying for the Stateside-International option. I will point out that T-Mobile's international roaming rates are among some of the most attractive in the US industry. Other carriers charge much more or charge you a for a roaming option.

        • miket

          Re: International Calling with Simple Global

          All are correct EXCEPT #6.


          Placing a call via wifi from ANYwhere in the world is billed as tho you are "standing" in the U.S.   Thus, calls to U.S. numbers ARE free.  Calls to intl. numbers are billed variou$ dollar$ - depending on where you are calling.

            • matesny

              Re: International Calling with Simple Global

              According to International Roaming with Simple Global page, Calls are $.20/min, whether it is WiFi Calling or Network Roaming. If they call the Hotel in Ireland, while they are roaming in Ireland, they would be billed $.20/min. Only the WiFi Calls to US (+ Canada and Mexico) are Free.

              I couldn't find any statement anywhere that says WiFi calls from Simple Global countries are billed as if they are originated from the US. That would have contradicted the fact that WiFi calls from US to Ireland will cost $1.99/min and the page linked above states that WiFi Calls are $.20/min (as are the cellular network calls)

                • miket

                  Re: International Calling with Simple Global

                  Thanks for pointing that out!  That didn't used to be the case.

                  We have used TM intl roaming for years - since they started wifi calling about 10+ years ago..  Probably 25+ countries.

                  We have used it in 12 countries since the "free" roaming took effect nearly 3 years ago.  

                    It sure is nice just to be able to leave your phone all the time - just like at home.  Of course, because of time diff., you want to turn it off at nite.