Does a phone have to be T-Mobile branded for wifi calling to work?


    I'm having trouble getting a definitive answer about Wi-Fi calling through T-Mobile and I'm hoping folks here in the forum can help. I want to become a T-Mobile customer and I would like to use either the Nexus 6P or the Moto X Pure. Can anyone confirm whether or not either or both of those phones work for T-Mobile Wi-Fi calling, and whether or not it's a T-Mobile branded phone?


    There doesn't seem to be concise information about which phones will work and which phones won't work for Wi-Fi calling. I've called T-Mobile customer support a couple of times and even spoke with their service department agents, and I'm hearing different information. Some agents are saying that the phone must be T-Mobile branded to work with Wi-Fi calling. I think on that part that's the safe answer. The people who say that say that the phone must have T-Mobile firmware for it to work with their Wi-Fi calling. Other agents say the phone does not have to be T-Mobile branded to work, that whether or not it works is hit or miss.


    I find it hard to believe that the hardware manufacturers and the cellular telco operators could have implemented hardware and firmware without agreeing on a standard that's into compatible. I know that history is replete with examples of such things. Still my suspicion is that whether or not the phone is T-Mobile branded it is a modern phone that implements LTE properly and on the right bands that it should work.


    I would appreciate any information people can give me about T-Mobile's Wi-Fi calling. Even if it is about other phones that I mentioned it would be nice to know if non-T-Mobile branded android phones are working. Thanks

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