How do I stop my phone from opening random apps without me actually touching the phone

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      • smplyunprdctble

        I'm assuming you mean in RAM when you go to your RAM Manager and not random apps pop up on your screen.


        The answer is you don't.


        With Android, empty RAM is wasted RAM.  So, it says "Hey, I think my owner will probably want to run Angry Birds, Tinder, and Facebook and they'll fit nicely in this corner of RAM that doesn't have anything in it, I'll just put them in there like Bob Ross puts happy little trees in his paintings."  If you try to open another app (say MapMyWalk?) and you don't have enough active RAM because these pre-loaded apps are there, it just drops the pre-loaded app from memory and uses that space for this new app.


        The app is actually not open and running, rather, it's just dormant in memory.


        Using a RAM Manager to constantly clean memory will use MORE battery because the system will still try to put happy little apps into memory