Why can't I use my iPad Air 2 with T-Mobile's network?


    I have an wifi and cellular iPad Air 2 that I purchased directly from Apple. Because I have Verizon as a wireless carrier, I had to swap out the Apple SIM card with a Verizon sim card. If I leave Verizon, I can put the Apple SIM card back in for use on other networks. I'm trying to get away from Verizon and have been interested in T-Mobile. However, T-Mobile's website keeps telling me that my iPad is not supported and I'll have to buy a new one. Why would I have to buy a new iPad? Couldn't I just replace the Verizon SIM card with T-Mobile's? I would have to do the same thing with my Galaxy S5 and the T-Mobile's website says it's supported. Buying a new iPad barely six months after purchasing one is definitely a deal breaker for switching carriers. I want to verify this before I look elsewhere.

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