So long, for now, and thanks for the banter!


    I had a heck of a time discussing WiFi calling, and (hoepfully) shedding some light on this and other topics, for my brief month here.

    My coverage outside of the greater Seattle/Bellevue area just isn't there, I had a heck of a time traveling with the service last weekend, and the T-Mobile tech I spoke to finally admitted that I had used up all my "roaming" data until next month, when my connection just dropped off (despite the maps showing coverage in several of the places, they admitted it wasn't "quite" as it appeared).

    Hopefully this will change at some point in the near future, I'll keep watching expansion, I'd like to come back and have the features that drew me over, such as the portable Canada data, streaming, the ability find the best location to tether with free speed testing, etc.


    Until then, keep up the good fight here, I still think T-Mobile is a better carrier, on principle and customer-service, but I figure for now I gotta' go back to the carrier that has signal where I use it when traveling (a lot in the winter months)...

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      • tmo_lauren

        Re: So long, for now, and thanks for the banter!

        Thanks for the kind words, and ultimately I wish we could have you stay, but understand not all of what you need is being met. Hopefully we will be able to make the changes you need in the near future and be able to welcome you back!


        If you ever have any other questions or anything else we can assist with, never hesitate to check in and let us know!