Upgrade a broken device


    I had the opportunity to upgrade, so I ordered a new device. However, I'm getting the upgrade because my device broke. Will this be a problem with the trade-in for the upgrade?

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      • tmo_lauren

        Re: Upgrade a broken device

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        Depends on what sort of trade in it is. Was this for a JUMP upgrade, or are you simply doing a standard upgrade and trading in the device for a trade in credit?



        • obeperez

          Re: Upgrade a broken device

          In my opinion, if you want to trade in your device, trade in device must meet the following criteria ( The device must be working, be able to turn on, and cannot have any screen cracks, chips, leaks, or any liquid damage.)

          take note that once the device have been receive by the warehouse, they can no longer send it back.


          But if your device have insurance, then my advice is to file a claim to your insurance for replacement device.

          • rehkugler

            Re: Upgrade a broken device

            my phone screen is cracked , and I just upgraded my phone on the tmobile website . The current phone I have is not paid off yet .

            • obeperez

              Re: Upgrade a broken device

              gud day,  since your current device didn't passed the 3 inspection( crack screen, liquid damge or power on) and your phone is still on Installment plan, they will not approve your application for upgrading device, the only chance you have if your phone have insurance, its better to file a claim ( your phone must have either JUMP or PHP, once you send the phone with cracked screen, warehouse will kept it and cannot return it back to you and your monthly bill will increase bcoz of the new phone tmo sent you, you dont want to receive a high overcharge on your bill, right? Take my advice. It is for your own sake