One Touch Fierce “Unfortunately the phone has stopped”


    Last night my One Touch Fierce started screen spamming “Unfortunately the phone has stopped”. While I did a Google search and located some "sure fire" fixes, none do.


    What I have tried are:

    1. Clear the Cache and Data of The Phone App .
    2. Disable Automatic Time Zone .
    3. Clear the Cache and Data of the SIM Toolkit.
    4. Clear the Data of Contacts and Contact Storage and Force Stop them .
    5. Factory Reset

    Each of these followed by either a restart or a power down. No joy.


    Now I have come across other fixes that I wouldn't touch with a ten foot pole. Like futzing with the root-kit or attempting a flash restore of software to factory defaults by using third party programs. I just ain't that brave.


    Anyone with a clue out of this box out there?

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