Can't post reply to response to my question


    I posted a question yesterday which still is unresolved.


    Customer Service - disconnect from call - zero followup


    There was a reply that does not resolve the issue.  I have already tried the sim removal and restart of device.  The issue is that there is no follow up from the customer service department.  How does one get anyone from t-mobile to follow up on customer service with a return phone call.


    There are several unresolved issues with my account.


    Is there an email address?


    I'm not interested in signing up for Facebook or Twitter to contact customer service. 

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      • drnewcomb2

        If you are trying to reply via e-mail, that function does not seem to work properly. Otherwise, replying via the website has always worked. That's what I'm doing right now.

        • tmo_ryan

          Re: Can't post reply to response to my question

          Hi jimski64


          Looks like you're using the login via Yahoo option which is fine. However there's this random bug with Yahoo where it doesn't always send over all the account info which leads this platform to not list a name for you. When this happens the system has it's own bug where it won't allow you to reply...oh the fun of technology...


          I manually added a name for you so you should be able to reply in that other thread/discussion now.


          tmo_mike_c is out on vacation for the next couple of weeks so I'm asking one of our other folks to check in with you.


          Regarding the question about why they don't call back. If the call drops and the queues are busy that normally means another call comes in right away. Back in the day (we're talking a decade ago but probably hasn't changed) if it was a particularly rough day I'd try to do a call back after break however if I pull the account back up and there's notes from other reps I'd likely assume one of the other folks "has it" and get back in to the queue to take more calls. Not saying this is the ideal experience or things don't get dropped.


          Out here my staff are basically "outside the firewall". In other words we don't have access to customer's accounts nor do we have a way to securely verify.

            • tmo_lauren

              Re: Can't post reply to response to my question

              Hey there!


              Like Ryan mentioned, there is a bug but that should be resolved for you now giving you the ability to reply right here.


              And again as Ryan mentioned, depending on call volume, as soon as a call drops the next one comes in without a delay, they are back to back with only enough time to add a beep in there to let you know the new one connected.


              I can send you a private message with some alternate communication options, however, FB or Twitter will be the most expedited but I understand perfectly not everyone wants to use those avenues, I just want to set the expectation other methods may not yield an answer as quickly since social media is the most monitored of the online contact options.


              You can check my message here



            • jimski64

              Re: Can't post reply to response to my question

              Why would the representative or tech support indicate he would call when if the situation is as you indicate.  I was sent an email address by tmo_lauren. Is this email to communicate with the tforce team who is 'outside the firewall"? 


              I need to make contact with someone who access to to the customer and account information so they can fix the problem.

                • tmo_ryan

                  Re: Can't post reply to response to my question

                  The info Lauren provided you privately is for very low volume use. It's manned by the same folks that handle interactions via the social channels (T-Force). The platform used allows for authentication similar to the social channels, something that we're not able to do here on the forums.


                  It's also not frequently used so the reply times can be slower than calling in or using the social options.


                  All that said, once they go through the verification process they'll likely be able to look at the previous notes, how things are set up in the system, etc and hopefully should just reply back with a "should be fixed now, give it a try". Very similar to how a mechanic would fix your car, you don't necessarily need to be standing right there.


                  If they need more information they'll either just correspond via messages or they might be able to just pick up the phone and give you a call if that helps speed things up.