Jerky animations in Marshmallow


    Hello! I decided to start a new thread about a topic that I created back in March about the poor performance of the 6.0 Marshmallow "update." I've had 3 (THREE) different LG G4s since I got this update back in February and ALL of them have had laggy scrolling/animations while web browsing, in Gmail, and while gaming. I've tried uninstalling 3rd party apps, re flashing the firmware, clearing the cache, factory resetting, etc. None of that has solved the problem!!


    Now since I've had three different phones (two were made in May and this current one was made in July), I now know that this is a software issue and not hardware. I tried uploading some screen recorded footage to YouTube to show exactly what I'm talking about, but unfortunately, the screen recording app is having trouble saving the videos at 60fps. And YouTube corrupts the videos even worse with constant frame dropping! So needless to say, I'm having a very difficult time trying to prove how sluggish my phone has been acting. The last time I posted, no one seemed to notice any inconsistent performance in their handsets.


    Here's what I've been able to do to replicate the random jerky animations: 1) scroll your inbox in the Gmail up and down for like 15 seconds straight without taking your finger off the screen. You should see the animation go from smooth and fluid then to jerky and "bouncy." 2) Install Dolphin web browser and start scrolling a page for a few seconds, it should then produce the exact same effect as in Gmail. 3) If you use NOVA launcher, set up your app drawer as a list and scroll through all your different apps. You should see the animations start to slow down and struggle just like the other apps. 4) If you use a custom gallery, like Quickpic, scroll through an album with a several hundred pictures. It should produce the same effect. 5) Try a game like Hillclimb Racing, Bike Race, or Fast Like a Fox. At first, it should perform smoothly with hardly any frame dropping. A couple of minutes later, it should start struggling by having massive frame rate dips out of nowhere. It's like it starts to throttle except the phone isn't even warm!


    I know all of this may seem nitpicky, but considering that this phone cost me $500 last year, I expect it to perform BETTER with new software updates. It's still fast to load up apps and has good download speeds, but it's no longer as butter smooth as it was on the older 5.1 software. To give you some perspective, I have a $150 Moto G that can play the same games without hardly dropping a frame! This is NOT OK and I haven't seen any news as to when we're supposed to get another software update.

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