Customer Service - disconnect from call - zero followup


    I have called the customer service department 12 times today and have spend almost 3 hours on the phone trying to resolve an issue with my iPad.  The representative will ask for my phone number if case we get disconnected. When that happens they NEVER call back. 


    I renewed my data plan and for some reason it is not working. One technician said it had to dimwit the fact my iPad was replaced and the EMEI number was not what it was for the sim when I originally logged signed up for a data plan. 


    I would like to know how to reach someone at t-mobile who will actually take ownership of the problem and see it through until it is fixed.  An email or number with theme of someone to contact would be great.



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      • tmo_mike_c

        My apologies about this jimski64. We definitely want to help you as best as we can. Can you try turning off the iPad and removing the SIM card? Once you place it back it and turn it on, make sure it's got signal and give it another shot.


        If you have access to FB or Twitter, you can give our T-Force team a shot at fixing this. They are an awesome group of T-Mobile experts that help through social media 24/7. T-Force can review the account and do more thorough troubleshooting to get that data working on your iPad again. You can reach them through our Contact Us page.