How can I distinguish between my LTE data usage and Binge-on in My T-Mobile?


    I recently switched from a Verizon MiFi data only plan to a T-Mobile hotspot using the ZTE Falcon Z-917. The plan is unlimited with 18GB before being throttled. It includes Binge-on, etc. When I look at My T-Mobile and view my data usage, does that include the Binge-on data also? I asked this in a chat with a T-Mobile rep, and she said yes. But this makes little sense. The purpose of knowing my data usage is so I can avoid hitting the cap. But if the Binge-on usage is mixed into the number I see, then it does me no good. I want to know how much high speed data I am using against my cap. So, is what the rep told me accurate? And, if so, how can I know my data minus the Binge-on?

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