How to upgrade plan immediately and not pay $3 charge?


    I tried to reactivate an account I haven't used in a few months, where I used prepaid PAYG plans.


    Logging on initially, it had some $3/month plan (I used to use a $30/month prepaid plan), so I tried switching it to a $40/month prepaid plan. It said I had insufficient funds (it was at $0) and gave me the option to add funds. So I add $40 and it takes me back to the change plan page, so I select the $40/month plan again, but it says I have insufficient funds again ($37)! I then try to add $3, but it's a $10 minimum!


    Finally, I add the $10 and upgrade, but it won't change until tomorrow! Is there any way to upgrade it today? If so, is there any way to get the extra $10 I paid for the poorly designed website?


    Thanks for any help!

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