How to SIM Unlock Your Phone WITHOUT A SIM Card from Another Network


    Many users want to SIM Unlock their phones as soon as the phone becomes eligible to receive an unlock code. However all the guides on the support site requires you to insert a SIM Card from another network in order to get to the unlock screen and enter your code. As you can imagine, many of us are not switching to another carrier and do not have a sim card from another carrier. We are simply unlocking our phones so that we can do more with it!


    There is a secret code to bring up the Screen to Enter Your Unlock Code.


    The secret code is:



    You dial this code as it is shown above, it brings up the form to enter your unlock code. As soon as you submit your valid code, your phone is unlocked.


    This code works with most Samsung devices I tried on.


    Please update this thread if this code also works for your device or fails to work on a Samsung device you own.


    Note: The T-Mobile Unlock App now only works on Samsung Avant.

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