Suggestions for T-Mobile to improve customer Satisfaction


    I am grateful that T-Mobile took some feedback I provided to heart (Shout out to T-Force for making it happen/passing the info along: @tmo_amber_w, and @tmo_jennifer) and made the Software Update page. Sometimes, they list a slightly more detailed change-log than previously. Those are things important to me (and likely others). I also think it may cut down on the impossible to count number of phone calls of "When/Why haven't we received the update yet.........".  Also thank you to @nathans and @theariszan as well for constructive comments in that thread.

    Here is a link to the previous post: The specified item was not found.


    Here is an example for anyone who is interested: HTC Software Updates Process | HTC United States


    And another tidbit. I have found that T-Mobile has :


    • -better customer support
    • -a better attitude
    • -better customer relations
    • -more knowledgeable employees
    • -willingness to solve problem
    • -it seems like they are implementing/have implemented a Six Sigma approach to Cust Svc.

    When a new software update is released on the relevant page: Software versions & updates: Samsung Galaxy S 5

    It would be awesome to have a more detailed change log. New features were included on there.


    • Updates the OS to Android 6.0.1 - Android Marshmallow
    • Includes Google and/or Samsung Security Patches through May 2016.
    • Enhancements to Fingerprint Security
    • Stability and Security Improvements
    • Fixes an issue with ______ that caused __________
    • Improved battery life
    • Enhancements to Wi-Fi Calling
    • etc.........




    I will say that I am a tad confused - but more surprised that I received some conflicting and I believe inaccurate information directly from a large device manufacturer whom I will not name. A representative claimed that the carrier is responsible for most of the software development and deployment. I was told they provide them with the device and base code. I knew this didn't make too much sense - as full development and testing would be very difficult to run in 2 weeks as has been done in the past. The rep said she had worked there for years (This was not T-Mobile support). I decided to just ignore that rep's comment and figure that maybe it was a way to get people off the line.(I may very well have misunderstood what she was saying).


    I am saying this based solely on personal experience and it is in no way representative of a company as a whole (I don't want to badmouth one).

    Have been a customer of T-Mobile since way before they became T-Mobile. Over the past 12 months, I have really noticed that their CS has improved.


    Even better: Our Commitment to Android L Release from Google - HTC Blog  (HTC provides software updates for 2 years after the launch date). These  are just some suggestions



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    Note: This is meant to be a Productive discussion - Kindly requesting to limit/exclude frustration rants please!

    Thanks for listening.

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