Trouble Data Roaming in Ecuador


      This isn't a question - but just want to know how/where to address a problem for benefit of future roamers.


    We were using an S5 and an LG-G4.

    Most areas said we had 3G and sometimes 4G service to choose from.  In some areas it was MoviStar (with the signals from Claro being not available for us to use) --other areas it would be the reverse.


      We were also connected to a basic GSM or 2G signal.  We had to keep rebooting phones to connect to 3G or better to get data.  Sometimes just one of the phones would connect in a given area.  Signal strength was always strong.


       We were there both a week before and a week after the earthquake.  Not near damage areas when it hit.


        This was our 11th or 12th intl. roaming country since new program went into effect couple years ago.  First time with problem like this.  Made it hard to use Google maps.

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      • magenta3655796

        Re: Trouble Data Roaming in Ecuador

        I'm here to tell you it is now December 2017, and I, like you, have traveled extensively and only in Ecuador CANNOT use maps when I am in the streets.

        I am in Quito, the capitol, a major and normal city- I am so frustrated. I have spoken to tech support twice and just get apologies
        and a suggestion to pay $20 for 10 days for 3G service, when it is available they said- Are you kiddddding meeee?!!

        I honestly don't know what to do- so disappointed.