Why do i buffer on youtube after Note 5 Marshmallow update?


    I have two big problems, one of them is recent. I noticed that after the binge on option my XBOX Smartglass app buffers for what like seems like an eternity before it plays the vide but even then it stops about three times in a 30 second game clip. After much research online and going through several forums many indicated that the problem was resolved by simply opting out of of BingOn. Doesn't seem like i should have to make a choice but i decided to live with it since it is seemless on WiFi.


    Recently i updated to Marshmallow on my Note 5. After updating i now have problems with buffering, i cannot watch any Youtube videos, my Gmail won't update and Google apps will not update. The concern is that these are only having problems when i am on WiFi, i turn off WiFi and everything (Except the Smartglass app) works perfectly.


    I know it is not my modem for several reasons, it started when i updated to Marshmallow, i connected to another WiFi network, not in my home and the same problem was occuring. I have a dual band modem so i had the phone forget my network and connected on the other band to test it but it still does not work. !Smartglass !Youtbue !GoogleUpdates !Gmail

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