How to fwd the S2 GEAR Classics WATCH phn #s calls/texts TO PHONES # while in bluetooth mode?

    Okay, we all know how to forward texts and phone calls from our phone 2 our watch while we are in remote mode, however, during 'Bluetooth mode' the gears watchs phone number, anyone who calls that number goes straight into voicemail, and also the text messages are not received until you go out of Bluetooth mode ( possibly a day later hence the necessity for the forwarding of the watches number). The only way to receive text and phone calls from both the watch phone number and the cellular phone number is to be in remote mode. (And during remote mode email and texts that are read do not show up as read on the phone) so, while we are in Bluetooth mode, how do we forward the "watches phone number & txts" TO the "phones phone number" so callers to the "watch phone number" don't get immediate voicemail, and not to mention if they text you they have no idea that you didn't get it, so how do we forward it to the "phones" phone number while we are in Bluetooth mode? Thank you so much. And please don't tell me this is unavailable. It's a simple forwarding function and none of the forwarding options are working on the watch to forward it to the phone and I am paying for an extra line of service so I should be able to have the option of forwarding the watches phone number to the telephone while in Bluetooth mode instead of people getting an automatic voicemail and not knowing if you are ignoring their text. At this point the only way to receive both the watches phone calls and texts and the phones phone calls and texts is to be connected via remote mode which is very inconvenient because it does not Mark emails and texts as "read" on the phone for some reason and why wouldn't it as it is connected via 'remote mode'! Thank you so much for your help as all I've been getting is answers for how to forward the "phone" TO the "watch" and it's ridiculous that nothing has been brought up about how to do it in reverse, and forward the "watch phone number" to the phone! Thank you again.

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