LG Leon home screen settings not being saved


    Since software version H34510f and was not fixed with Version H34510g and I really don't know if I'm the only person having this problem or maybe no one else has noticed. Ok what is going on is the home screens won't save settings to wherever the OS saves this settings to. How to duplicate the error because that is what it is an error that no one at T-mobile or LG for that matter has fixed. I put apps i folder not to many folder but a few like the home buttons I use folders like one of the home buttons is a folder with all my games in it so the issue is say I have 10 games in one folder and have all my google apps in another folder and have all my apps that connect to the internet in another so everything works great until I restart the phone during restart sometimes it will keep the folder but several of the apps will no longer be in the folder and sometimes in one or more folders will vanish back into the main app folder causing me to spend the next 5 or 10 minutes dragging apps back to where I want them. The only way around this major pain in the behind error is to backup my home screen so everytime I add an app to one of the home screens I have to make sure to make a backup and if I remove (uninstall) an app that happened to be located in one of the folders on the home screen and forget to make a backup after I uninstall it the backup I did have is now corrupted. I've tried doing a hard reset several times and that doesn't fix the problem. the problem is with the coding LG and T-mobile both rushed to get version H34510f released because of stagefright they needed to get a fix out and they rush the testing and missed or didn't notice or they just didn't care because the problem wasn't fixed with H34510g when the heck is this going to be fixed? Will it be fixed before there is an official Marshmallow version released or is T-Mobile currently testing a patch and plans on releasing it any day now?

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