Hissing sound when using the G5/3.5 audio jack in their car?


    Is anyone else getting a hissing sound when using the G5/3.5 audio jack in their car?

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      • Make sure your audio wire is away from other wires or electronics.  Alternators are notorious for interference as well.

          • kreskers


            I could see that being the case sometimes.. Here's what I've done so far to give you a better idea of what I'm dealing with. I tried four different phones and two different 3.5mm audio cables. My G2 before it works, an IPhone 5S, and a Note 5 all work perfectly. The G5 is the only one out of the bunch that hisses. It is really loud. The music itself is barely audible..


            My order was made through the official T-Mobile website.. I already called about getting a replacement device because I was in my 14 day return period. They told me my order would have to be canceled and reordered. The only problem with that was if my original order was cancelled the new order would have gone through on a date passed the 360cam promotion. The 360cam was a large factor in my decision making to purchase this phone. So to resolve the issue I was told in essence, to take a chance. The T-Mobile representative said for me to go ahead and fill out the promotion form from my original purchase to get the 360cam. Then I could call you guys back up after my 14 day return period (thus cementing my purchase date) to get a warranty exchange. The chance I'm taking is that I could end up getting a refurbished device after not even having this thing a month. No 360 cam and I definitely would have gotten a new device. If I wanted the 360cam I had to chance the possibility of getting a refurbished G5. I took the chance. In a perfect world there would have been a fix.. Maybe you have a different solution.

            Thanks for your time.

              • There can't be too many refurbished G5s yet.  Regardless, no carrier gives a new unit for a defective new unit.  In this case it is possible, but typically refurbished is the route taken.  Plus, even a repair of a new G5 would be a refurbishing. Depending on the car stereo system and whatever else, and, I admit to being a little new to this Digital to Analog Converter stuff, DAC Hi-Def audio, there may be something to that angle where a setting might need be changed.