Galaxy Note 5 Marshmallow Issues


    Hey all,


    Just updated my phone today; there are a lot of issues now.


    First, it lags, it lags so much that my phone constantly has app errors that force quit, or ask me to quit them out (not responding messages).


    Second, the WiFi seems to be not working. After the update, I waited about 15 minutes or so to get into the phone to update apps, but the WiFi does not work anymore. I have rebooted the phone as well, and the same issue persists.


    Third (and last), the battery gets very hot, and drains for no apparent reason.


    Not a very good update at all, so far. I can hardly use my phone. I am letting it sit for a while, actually, and I am going to see if it kind of relaxes over that time period. In the mean time, I cannot access my text messages (that seems to force close due to error each time I try and open it), and I cannot get into my yahoo and email app, either.


    Any help/other issues with fixes would be great, thank you.

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      • natureboy72

        Re: Galaxy Note 5 Marshmallow Issues

        Wipe the cache partition. If that doesn't help do a master reset.

        • pochoboy

          Re: Galaxy Note 5 Marshmallow Issues

          I'm no support guy or real tech savvy type of person. I was having all sorts of problems after the Marshmallow update, weird problems that I did not jot down and did clear the cache, restart and watnots. I did the "factory data reset" but prior to doing that I used Samsungs Smart Switch to back up my data into my pc. Once done with the factory data reset i used Smart Switch to reload the data back into my Note 5. I'd suggest reading up on Smart Switch, investigating what data it saves/backsup, I know it saved my messages, emails, contacts, photo's, etc.


          I still haven't had enough time to see if the factory data reset fixed my problems, some were wi-fi related having to restart my phone to actually turn off wi-fi, a little lag in performance and seemed to have battery drain(maybe just my imagination), etc. Although I can say the phone seems to be more responsive after the reset

            • veganrichy

              Re: Galaxy Note 5 Marshmallow Issues

              I might do that; though I am still having issues with my battery life. I am a frequent runner; I use my fitbit and phone together while I run. I use the map my run app, and Amazon prime music player, together.


              Typically after my run, on a full charge (always) my battery life remaining will be a weak 94%. Not bad for a good 30 minute run, and music playing, too. However today, after my run, I noticed that my battery life was 79% after the update.


              Likewise, as another user pointed out, Gmail is not sending me emails anymore. Not sure what that is about; I am not impressed with this update so far. It took the phone all night to load text messages; I wound up clearing the cache and deleting every text to start over. That worked, but there are still some lag and latency issues.


              One idea I have with the battery life draining so much, is that the update takes more battery life to run, as opposed to what the 5.1.1 (lolipop) did. I am not an expert, but that is just my theory. As I type this, for instance, my phone was at 100% charge and is now at 95%. Kind of silly for just typing.

            • pochoboy

              Re: Galaxy Note 5 Marshmallow Issues

              okay, I'm not saying you don't know nothin, lol, but I know I had to re-register my gmail account to back up my phone, pictures,etc.. Now, for me in doing that it did not automatically re-register that gmail account into my Note5 email app.. I was having to add the gmail account back into the email application.


              I just tested sending an email to my gmail account after re-registering it into the Note5's email app. It works for me. But on another note, I did not have my gmail account registered into my Note5 email app prior to the "factory reset". So....


              Good Luck