WARNING - Be careful with your lock screen - WARNING


    BLUF:  There is not a way to unlock your phone if you forget your lock pattern.  You will have to factory rest your phone in the recovery mode to recover access to your phone, AND you will lose everything!


    Yesterday I changed the pattern lock on my phone...I did it before I went to bed (I regularly change the pattern so my kids cannot access my phone and play games).  Unfortunately this morning when I woke up, I forgot my pattern.  In previous versions of this phone, I could simply use a backup pin or use my google account credentials to unlock the phone if I forgot my new pattern.   This phone - NOT ANYMORE.  After several failed attempts...1 minute lockout, then 5 min, 15 min, 30 min, and finally 60 minutes between each failed attempt.  You will be forced to factory reset your phone.


    Using Google services >  Android device manager ...DOESNT WORK...you can send the command to lock the device with the Android device manager (from a desktop computer) and specify a new password, but it does not override the built-in pattern lock and you cannot enter the password to unlock the device.


    I really don't think that Samsung had intended to completely lock you out of your phone without being able to use Google's built-in android services to override the lock pattern.  I suspect that it's a bug, but if it's not....be very careful using a pattern for your lock screen. 


    Fingerprint lock screen has been hit/miss...if you have dirty fingers or work with your hands (wood work, golf, etc), the pattern of your fingerprint will sometimes fail to register because of the calluses.


    I just finished resetting my phone and it really sucks to loose settings and have to reenter every account password and application setting to get your phone back in working order (several wasted hours). Samsung needs to look at this issue and find a better way to recover access to your phone.

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      • tidbits

        By product of their own find my phone setup. If you had that setup you have to go to Samsung said website. Previously ADM worked, until Samsung did this.


        • rbryinc

          IF you are worried about your kids getting into your phone just set up the fingerprint, it works great and it lets you set a password or pin as a backup

          • stevetjr

            When doing finger prints also I always add 1 from my non dominant hand which is usually less subject to callouses and etc and sort of keep that as my back up finger print. I also have 2 different fingers from my dominant hand one of which is not one that is really a gripping finger so tends to get less dirty.

            • necostanzo

              I agree with the above posts.  However,  like I originally stated the fingerprint scanner can be problematic if you work with your hands and have calluses on your fingers.  I've had multiple times where it wouldn't work reliability.  In addition,  when you setup your fingerprint you also have to setup a backup pin, pattern,  etc.


              As for the "find my mobile" suggestion,  it appears that it's the ONLY way to unlock your phone if you've forgot your lock code.  What happened to me is that I have 2 different Samsung accounts and used the wrong one to setup this phone.  When you setup your Samsung account during setup or if you did it in the accounts section of the settings menu, it creates your find my mobile account and links your phone.  There is a link in the settings menu to verify your account.  I would test it to ensure its working.  Go to the link provided above from your computer,  ensure your phone is locked,  then login with your Samsung account.  On the left side you can locate your device,  wipe it,  and "unlock" it...give it a try.  It's too bad that TMO support is not fully aware with the changes made to the S7.


              Finally,  do not rely upon the Samsung backup to work.  When I reset my phone,  I tried to recover my data but it failed.  Samsung support acknowledges that the built in restore doesn't fully work.  Even though I had a good backup the night before,  it would fail during the restore process.  My messages failed at 50% and the app settings failed at 95%. A better solution is to do the following:


              Download sms backup & restore from the app store.  You can setup the app to make automatic backups of your texts. Make sure that you setup the backup location to your SD card or you're wasting your time because it will wipe the internal storage during the factory reset.


              Download smart switch for your PC from Samsung. Connect your phone, then create a backup.  I would do this on a regular basis or when you make lots of changes to your phone.  If you ever have to recover your phone, simply connect it to your PC, and use the restore feature of the smart switch app.


              Good luck