Binge On problems w unlimited plan, please help




    short story- 

    unlimited data plan on iphone6+

    turned binge off after noticing buffering problems w youtube sev months ago

    now notice that video quality is still far less than hd, maybe sd or worse

    double checked that binge was set to off, it is off



    would like to know why this is happening

    and even more so, to be able to stream video in hd again, be it youtube or netflix

    please help


    long story-

    discovered the auto-on nature of the binge program when youtube videos began to buffer heavily making them unwatchable

    spoke to rep and had them turn the feature off

    youtube vids played in hd and w no buffering, often linked through other websites (not using youtube app nec)

    recently noticed that my netflix streams were not of hd quality, though have their settings to stream of the highest quality

    to illustrate this, dvd's from the 90's northern exposure tv show look noticeably better than the hd streaming from netflix

    checked acct app to verify binge was set to off

    checked again and toggled between on/off

    sent through the phone code to turn off as well

    verified several times that binge is set to off

    now not only is netflix still of lesser quality, notice that youtube vids are also downgraded

    real example to this is a golf forum showing hd slo mo vid link to youtube

    when trying to play vid from their page, it is buffering heavily again, unwatchable

    went to youtube directly (browser not app), found the same exact video, played the video

    it played smoothly but was clearly of a lesser quality, it was definitely/noticeably less clear

    netflix vids are also still less than hd

    verified again that binge was off, it is

    verified that i have solid lte signals, i do

    very similar to what i was experiencing when originally sought to shut the program off



    is there any other reason that tmo would be throttling my vid quality?

    what can i do?

    please help


    thank you everyone

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      • tidbits

        Re: Binge On problems w unlimited plan, please help

        It's Google and not T-mobile. T-Mobile made a deal with Google to as YouTube. Google is in control of the network optimization. So if you are experiencing problems you need to bring it up with them

          • subpar

            Re: Binge On problems w unlimited plan, please help

            so you are saying that google/youtube is reducing video quality to all tmo account holders?  Otherwise i do not see how they would be exclusively doing this to just me.

            • subpar

              Re: Binge On problems w unlimited plan, please help

              also, that agreement, from what i understand, is only for the binge program, which is why tmo apparently has an opt out feature.  as i understand it, from what iv read by tmo, opting out will return the vid quality to normal, so again, it does not reason to be a google/youtube action.  will paste the tmo explanation below, but unless google is throttling all tmo account holders, opting out of the binge program should return hd playback. 


              same deal w netflix, which my account is definitely set to the highest playback quality, which i am not experiencing.  it reasons to be a tmo issue.


              Here is the tmo explanation of the binge opt out:

              If Binge On is disabled, the resolution defaults to highest available based on the streaming service, the specific content, the device, and the network strength but may be independent of the quality that best suits your viewing screen. On mobile phones, the benefit of this higher resolution may not be noticeable or important to you, resulting in unnecessarily high data consumption.



              What if I want to watch videos in higher definition?

              You can disable Binge On at any time. If Binge On is disabled, the resolution defaults to highest available based on the streaming service, the specific content, the device, and the network strength. If you decide to disable the Binge On feature, then any video streaming won't be optimized, which means your high-speed data bucket will be used up to 3 times more quickly.

            • drnewcomb2

              I read someplace that YouTube has been sending low-rez video to all mobile devices for a while. It's not just T-Mobile.

              • etoolz65

                Re: Binge On problems w unlimited plan, please help

                I also got a warning that my highspeed data//LTE will be restricted due to me using 24.5gigs of data already this month.  They verified that it was relative to "bingeon" services, but at that much data usage for bingeon, i am considered a "heavy user" they called it,


                so, they recommended i remember, binge on doesn't count towards my data usage//limits, and that i should be wary of using the web browser as that causes data usage, etc, which all wasn't even relative to my call but with a person who seemed to not understand my english and his broken english was very bad, it was like he was playing a scene,


                even though binge on does not count, it does, also, he sent me a confirmation message saying i can rest assured that he addressed all my concerns with me?  what does that even mean?


                rest assured, i've met all your concerns, now quit using binge on, or you are going to notice some very very slow speeds at times,


                why didn't they tell me this when i specifically asked about it at the store?  i even stopped in to tell them i wasn't sure as it was showing my data high and they said, no, you won't get a nag notice as it's all biinge on,,,,,


                so, i guess they were wrong and i might as well have stayed with tmobile!!!


                last month i watched way more netflix and hulu, yet no nag, must be a honeymoon thing,


                byebye tmobile!!!!!!!

                • 7636391751

                  I am on Pre-Pay 6gb plan that has Binge-On.   Despite switching it OFF in my will NOT turn off. According to the Short code thing, it says Status On.   I can confirm that videos are still being throttled, not just YouTube app.


                  I called in to support. They said they show it as Off. Rep also gave some crap about "we have to update some info in all our systems".   3 days laters, no change.


                  I have a real time network rate meter on my top bar on my LG V10.  I can see when a video only streams at 150-180k on 4g. When manually selecting 720 or 1080p vid....its just buffers and plays for 2 secs....if that. Switch to WiFi....same video pulls 2MB's.  Only way I can get video to play unthrottled on 4g, is to launch a VPN service app, then vidoes pull the same network speed as if on wifi.