Use ZTE as the Internet gateway on my wireless LAN

    How can I set up the ZTE Falcon and my home wireless network to all the ZTE to be used as the Internet gateway?  I am attempting to unplug from traditional ISPs, especially in light of the fact that I live in a rural area and my current ISP is unreliable and SLOW.

    I have a wireless LAN set up with PCs, printers, smartphones and tablets, and would prefer to leave all of that intact.


    any ideas on how to configure?

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      • smplyunprdctble

        The simplest way would to be attach all your wireless devices to the ZTE instead of your existing Router.  The problem will come if you have wired devices that need to connect.  You'd need some device that would swap from Wireless to Wired (I'd call it a "Reverse AP"?  I'd think something like that would exist if people wanted to get connected in additional buildings by their house without running CAT5?  Wait, Google says it's a "Wireless Bridge" - How to get your Ethernet-only gadgets on your home network - CNET)


        If you want to keep your existing stuff in place, you'd need the aforementioned "Wireless Bridge" to convert your ZTE's Wireless to a wired connection that could connect into your router.


        If you're running your own DHCP server, you can change the gateway from your old router to your ZTE without changing anything.  Probably not available as an option on delivered routers (routers with a custom OS like Tomato or dd-wrt should be able to give you this?)


        Basically, your choices are:

        - use everything wireless and use your ZTE as the router

        - Get a wireless bridge to bridge your ZTE to your router

           * if you connect to the WAN port, you'll be double NATing, which may cause some applications to not work

           * if you connect to the LAN port, turn off your router's DHCP and use your ZTE's DHCP.  Essentially, your router becomes just a hub.

        • tmo_mike_c

          Hey, just stopping by to ask, were you able to try smply's suggestion?