How to enable call forwarding using Linelink?


    I just purchased Linelink and I'm trying to set up call forwarding to my cellphone. However, I can't find any documentation whatsoever on how to use the calling features. I found an old document that contained short codes but they dont seem to work. I was assured at the store that call forwarding was included in the Linelink service, but i can't find any support on how to use it. Does anybody here know? All I've found so far is how to use voicemail. Any help is appreciated.

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      • smplyunprdctble

        Self-service codes


        What about the ** codes?


        (also, apparently I don't pay enough attention -- this is the first I'm hearing of LineLink, which appears to be the new version of the old T-Mobile@Home... I'd be somewhat interested except... I haven't used my home line that I have attached to Google Voice and set up to SIP via Asterisk in years)

        • tmo_mike_c

          Just wanted to chime in here to say I'm looking into this for you digiacomo. I'll get more info on call forwarding and reply back. Thanks for taking advantage of our new Linelink service.

          • ermilo

            Re: How to enable call forwarding using Linelink?

            Transitioned from T-mobile @Home to T-Mobile Linelink.  My @Home account was deleted and a new Linelink account was setup (same phone number).  After a few minute with technical support,  Linelink works fine. Kudos to T-Mobile support staff.


            Question/issueTo link the Linelink to a T-Mobile cell phone account requires setting a new T-Mobile account for the Linelink.  T-Mobile will merge the accounts.  However, to complete the Linelink set up, a verification number is texted to the Linelink.  The system will also accept last four digits of the customer's  Social Security number.  However, the SS # is in the primary account not the new Linelink account.   How do I set up the Linelink account with a verification code? 

            I posted to this thread because a call forwarding code might be a workaround....

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            • bcxxiii

              My @Home was working fine but then I got a text from T-Mob to get Line Link. I ordered and wasted 7 weeks (calling again and again and waiting) and then the other day they told me I have to go to the store. So I went and migrated my two @Home lines to Line Link. I had made sure, repeatedly, that everything will be the same and there is no extra charge. Now there is no caller ID name, only number AND when someone leaves a message no blinking light to alert you. Not even a tone when you lift the handset to tell you that there is message waiting! So every time I come in I have to dial 123 to check if there is any message.
              The deceptive practices I noticed in this deal:
              1. They assure you that everything remains the same but better sound quality and they remove Caller ID Name. If you want it you pay extra $5 to get that back.
              2. They remove the blinking message alert. May be it is another option for more charges, I did not check.
              I feel cheated because my @Home service was working fine. If I had NOT blindly trusted T-Mob I would have tried switching only ONE line and would have noticed the shortcomings. I have been with T-Mob for two decades or so, before they were VoiceStream, and they have been good more or less. That's why I moved all my numbers to T-Mob. I have a total of four numbers with them. It is not the $5 extra or the message light, I feel tricked by them into this. I asked them to move me back to @Home and they say that is being discontinued, can't move back. I should have stuck with @Home till they discontinued it but I trusted them and they cheated me. They can do good business without deception and trickery but they probably feel the need to follow others in this business.

                • chris13

                  Re: How to enable call forwarding using Linelink?

                  Sorry to hear that bcxxiii.  Some of the reasons you state are precisely why I haven't moved to LL from @Home.  For the caller ID, I am wondering if it is phone specific as I don't think I've ever had caller ID NAME, but just caller ID with the phone number.  I'm looking right now at my vtech Dect 6.0 phone that was recommended with @Home way back when I got it and it only shows numbers, not names...??? Hmm.  I use this line as a second/business line, so maybe it's because I have no names stored in the phone memory, but it really is not a huge deal for me.  I would however hate if I had it and then lost and then told the only way to get back is pay $5/mo.  I do get the blinking light for messages and the multiple tones when I pick up the phone to use.


                  I've been with TMO about as long as you have and found in the recent past that calling in and visiting my local store has not been as customer friendly/accurate as in the past.  The pains of a fast growing company are definitely there.  If you don't mind bcxxiii, it would be nice if you would post this info in my thread...TMO @Home vs LineLink?, in case others are evaluating the services and to give your opinion on the call quality, as well.  Thx!

                  • bombolonix

                    Re: How to enable call forwarding using Linelink?

                    The LinkLink device does have a blinking blue light to notify you if you have messages. It is the middle light on the device. I received my device yesterday, and tested it and it works fine.