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    Regarding Iphone 6+ Unlock


      Hi, I bought an Iphone 6+ with IMEI# (354389068093755) from Craigslist in Nov 2015, At the time of buying phone, I called Tmobile Customer Care and inquired about phone, I was told that phone has been paid off and no issue to buy the phone from 3rd [party. Also checked by using AT&t sim card and the network was working, so was sure that phone was good to use on any network.


      I travelled to India in December and when I tried using the sim of local carrier, I got message that phone is locked.When I checked in January 2016, I was told by customer care that device is having amount due from the previous owner so the phone is blocked. I was totally shocked as when i called customer care while buying I was told that phone is paid off. I am not able to use this phone at all and it's just useless.Had I been told by customer care in first place that phone has pending balance, i would have never bought the device.


      Request you to kindly help me in this regard, and please unlock this device.