Does anyone know when a firmware update is expected for this hotspot?


    Does anyone know when a firmware update is expected for this hotspot?  I've checked for updates with the Admin page several times and its still reporting release 1.0.0B5.  (aka version 1.0 beta 5) This version has three significant issues: 1) No ability to set the Wifi Channel -- only Auto is supported; 2) Wifi connection is flaky and connections with new devices are it or miss.  I had to reset my network settings on my iPhone in order to connect to the SSID.  It connected the first time, but then would not reconnect, kept saying my password was incorrect, even though I know it was right (I had changed it from the default and my laptop connected ok. 3) The Web UI is very slow and buggy.  I tried with both IE and Chrome over Wifi and it was really laggy and disconnected frequently while trying to browse from page to page.  Connecting via USB to my laptop worked better, but it was still a little laggy.  Hopefully ZTE or T-Mo will come out with an App (iOS and/or Android) to change config settings.


    I had high hopes for this hotspot, but so far I've been pretty underwhelmed:

    1) No international bands (neither UTMS nor LTE)

    2) No 5Ghz Wifi

    3) No ability to set Wifi channel

    4) I wouldn't mind the lack of an LCD touch screen if the Web UI worked better.

    5) There's also the issue of not being able to turn on the firewall which someone else in this forum mentioned.  I experience the same issue.  Seriously?  My laptop is just floating out there in the breeze?



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      • tmo_mike_c

        We don't any word of an update jxs457.  Can you try a reset to fix the slowness?

          • jxs457

            Thanks Mike,


            Here's what I've found.  I have a strange situation where I get very strong non-Wifi interference one channel 6 of the 2.4Ghz Wifi spectrum.  Unfortunately I don't have a spectrum analyzer so I cannot pinpoint the source.  When AP's (Apple, Netgear, etc.) are set to channel 6, even if I place my device (Laptop, Tablet, iPhone, etc.) physically next to the AP, I have trouble authenticating and passing data.  So, as a result, my home WiFi AP's are set to channels 1 & 11 (although I primarily use 5.8Ghz these days)


            Because I cannot set the Wifi channel on this hotspot, when I turn it on, it automatically selects the channel which appears "free" -- aka channel 6 since there are no other Wifi devices on this channel. 


            But, I found that if I turn the hotspot off, take it outside far away from my house, and then turn it on it will select a different channel (channel 1 or 11).  I can then carry the device back into my house and it will STAY on the previously selected channel as long as I do not power cycle the unit.  On channels 1 & 11, despite the overlap with my home AP's the hotspot works great.


            I've been using it to and from work all this week in my car (I bought it so my kids could watch Netflix & YouTube in the car) and it has been working great!


            Overall, I am very happy with the product.  The price, and data costs are by far the best value when compared to other carriers.


            But, I would still make the following comments observations:

            1) The firmware really needs to be updated to enable setting the Wifi channels manually

            2) The lack of at least some rudimentary firewall support needs to be investigated

            3) I'm amazed in this day and age that 5.8Ghz support was not included

            4) I'm disappointed that this Hotspot does not support ANY international bands.  I was going to return it and get one that did, but NONE of the hotspots on your website support international bands.


            I had hoped to be able to use it in Europe this Summer.


            Thanks again,