Why can't I see my detailed bill?


    MY service dats goes from the 5th- 4th of the next month. when the new service month starts I get my bill. For some reason I can never see my detailed bill until it's a month passed that billing sessio. Why is this happenin? I like to make sure everything is right because there has been times I tried to make a  purchase but didn't go through but still had to pay the bill since I couldn't make sure until it was to late.

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      • tmo_lauren

        Re: Why can't I see my detailed bill?



        Your detailed bill will indeed not come out until the bill cycle has closed, so your bill for April 5th to May 4th will be out the week or so after May 4th. That's because the system needs time to calculate any charges and usage as well as tax!


        Usage details are available prior, but the bill itself will only arrive after the cycle has finished, much he same way as an electricity bill or water bill!



        • blumemm1490

          Re: Why can't I see my detailed bill?

          ok well my current bill I need to pay which is March 5th to April 4th an I can't see my detailed bill. I can't even see what my usage was for that time either .  the company keeps doing this to be. I shouldn't be paying over a amount and it's like a 100. More then it should be and I can't see what is causing this charge.