Priv Wireless Charging Issues


    For the first 2 months I had my Priv, wireless charging was working as it should (about 3 minutes/1% charge).  Ever since the latest OTA update (not sure if related or coincidence) wireless charging is extremely slow (15 minutes/1% charge).  I tried all my Qi chargers that work fine with other devices and I have been placing the phone the same location on those chargers as I did before (the battery and Qi pad inside the phone is located in the lower left hand side of the phone as the phone is face up).  Has anyone else used wireless charging and noticed this drastic change or have had any issues like mine?

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      • tmo_mike_c

        Re: Priv Wireless Charging Issues

        This is the first time I've heard of this tfurru. Have you tested another battery to see if the charging time improved?

        • tfurru

          Re: Priv Wireless Charging Issues

          The PRIV 's battery is not removable. I figured out it was a particular app I installed around the same time that was causing the issue.  The app was causing the phone to get so hot from high cpu usage combined with the heat of wireless charging that the phone was halting charging everytime the temp got too high. So the PRIV did its job by preventing overheating and damage to the battery and/or the Qi charging pad in the phone. I uninstalled the app and I'm fine now.