Insurance Claiming Never Received my Device- Charging over $600


    So, I went through insurance in November 2015 as my device cracked and was basically unuseable. I read the horror stories but it was a pretty easy and painless process initially. I got the replacement, restored onto the new phone and packaged the old one within 24 hours of receiving.


    I put it in my communities outbox and didn't think about it again. Fast forward to February, I saw a charge for over $600 for the 'non returned phone'. I spoke with a T-mobile rep who researched it, they came back a week later saying it was a valid charge.


    Today, I spoke with the insurance company, they claimed it was valid, even though the device was never turned on. Going as far as telling me that when it's in the USPS hands, it's still my responsibility. I am going to get my attorney involved in this as it's now the principle of this absolutely ridiculous situation. I would rather lose my phone number and fight this than pay, which is what is looking like going to happen.


    T-Mobile "the uncarrier" acting like quite the carrier in this deferring blame elsewhere instead of helping out a loyal customer.


    Can anyone on these boards point me to another direction to actually get this resolved?

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      • tidbits

        If USPS has no knowledge, or documentation of you submitting it you will fight an uphill battle.


        Doesn't matter what carrier or what industry. You are liable until there is a record it is no longer in your control IE some record it was in the USPS hands, and such. That's an important piece of information right there.


        Since you put it in a Dropbox there's no telling who took it or even actually put it in a Dropbox.

          • e2k

            Don't pay, send letters to all parties involved, and don't talk on the phone (calling does not preserve your rights). If it shows up on your credit report, file a credit dispute.


            In the future, ship all returns yourself (do not use pre-printed labels) with plenty of insurance. Get a receipt at the time of shipping, and never use a drop box.

          • lkelly441996

            I have the same problem Tmobile is a reap off

              • stevetjr

                It is not T-Mobile, you insurance contract is with Assurant or Assurion T-Mobile just sells the insurance on their behalf they are the ones getting your monthly insurance payment just via T-Mobile billing. If lets say Allstate rips you off when your car gets wrecked are you mad at Chevy (just an example)?  Yes it looks pretty simple but this happens with all brands of phones because all the carriers use the same couple of insurance companies for device coverage. As e2k mentioned before just dropping a $xxx hundred dollar device into an unattended box it is wise to get some kind of tracking on it and/or receipt of who you handed it to so they are now liable.


                Good luck on your fight but unfortunately I think you are fighting an uphill battle since while you say you put it in the box they can say you kept the device and how do prove otherwise??