Z10 10.3 Software Update


    The last OS update that T-Mobile release was in March 2014.


    In August 2105 AT&T releases 10.3.


    Whenever the question of when T-Mobile is going to release 10.3 so that we can run Android Apps like users of the Z10 on other carriers are already doing we get the generic response to check the T-Mobile Update page Software version: BlackBerry Z10


    Instead let me as a simple Yes or No question.  Is T-Mobile going to release OS 10.3.XXXX to its customers?


    If T-Mobile has no intention to release the OS update then let us Z10 owners know.

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      • tmo_lauren

        Re: Z10 10.3 Software Update

        Hey there!


        I wish I had a simple yes or no for you. It's not on the software development page at the moment, which means it's not being developed for T-Mobile at the moment. So if it is going to be a thing, it probably isn't going to be soon.


        I really wish I could just provide a yes or a no, should I get that answer, I will certainly reach out!