static sound from speaker




    Whenever I play a game, listening music, watch video, etc etc I'm getting a static? noise from the speaker as well as the original sound.

    It disappears when I reboot, then happens again later. I tried master reset(on previous device) but happened again so I got my replacement device couple days ago, it seemed fine until it happened again this afternoon.


    Here's a short video link,



    Again, it's happening on any sound not just candy crush..

    Anyone having a same issue???






    list of apps I have,


    bank of america

    call recorder

    candy crush saga

    chrome to phone

    easy voice recorder

    finger security



    mx player

    samsung pay



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      • matesny

        Re: static sound from speaker

        If the static is a "Distortion", you would get normal sound if you connect your phone to your home audio (high powered speakers) using an audio cable. If so, your speakers are unable to handle the amount of power delivered by the sound, flattening it out as static noise. Do you get the same staic at all volume levels?


        Static (type that you are hearing) can also be caused by electronic equipment emitting radiation nearby. For example, If you are too close to your wireles router (and you have one that emits very high power), it may cause static on your speakers. Test by moving to a remote corner.

          • spoon80

            Re: static sound from speaker


            yes if i connect to earpieces, i get a clear sound, and i can hear static noise from all volume levels.


            i thought that too at first, so i moved room to room but i dont think surroundings caused the noise.

            i can hear it anywhere. >.<

              • matesny

                Re: static sound from speaker

                Well you have a very good debugging information there. If the static is not caused by the environment, then the issue is either with the speakers or the phone hardware.


                Two things to further debug:

                1- Reboot and adjust your volume only via software. Never touch the volume buttons. If the static comes back that eliminates the faulty volume button / cheap material.

                2- Buy a pair of choke cores from radio shack and attach them to your speaker cable. You may also try an "expensive" set of speaker cables. This will address the issue your phone trying to use the speaker cables as antennas!

                • tmo_mike_c

                  Re: static sound from speaker

                  I checked on this for you spoon80 and we haven't received any official word that this phone would have static coming from the speaker. I agree that this does seem to be a hardware issue. I imagine this phone hasn't been dropped or physically damaged right?

                    • spoon80

                      Re: static sound from speaker

                      Yes, it hasn't been dropped or damaged.

                      I have deleted apps that has sound or recording function. and it's gone!!! it's been 2 days without those annoying sounds.

                      So I guess it's not the device but apps I had.

                      I'm going to re-install one by one to find out which one makes that noise.


                      Thank you so much, mastesny and mike!!!