I had $25 on my account, and needed $10 more to activate it. So I payed $45, thinking it would be active for two month. (It is a prepayed acount) But it is still saying that I need to pay again in one month. How can I get my money back, or one extra month?

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        My guess is the $35 activated for the current month and you have a $35 balance remaining on your account.  This balance should be used when the current month is over.


        T-Mobile only "activates" a month at a time.  If you put $70 (or $105 or more), it will still say you activated for a month.  When that month is over, it will take any funds in your account to "activate" another month.


        If you can't find where it shows your balance in, I would suggest pinging T-Force on Social Media to see what's up - Contact Us