I'm looking at a Samsung note 3 900... 900A ??


    I love my s4 mini duo however having some health issues, I'm needing to have something larger, so I looked around and it seems for all the uses I want the samsung note 3 has it. However I'm finding conflicting information on the models...
    n900, n9000, n900A, and so on.
    Is there a certain model I should be looking for to be able to use t-mobile and the wifi calling too?
    I live in an area that has little reception, and recently having many issues even connecting when I'm in town. So I'd like to be able to call over wifi if needed.
    Is there something in the (a) that means att or is it asian ? I have found both as reference.
    I liked the moto x and love the screen for my issues however it doesn't have the samsung calander and contacts.
    contacts (group) feature, that works with calendar.... (I input an event that I need to share with several different groups, and I can add using the invite in calendar (google only allows you to put in one person or email at a time, samsung allows the contacts to show as a pop up so I can select "group" and not have to remember all those names or emails)
    So I'm stuck with purchasing a samsung, wanting the note pen while I'm at meetings and events that will stay with the phone, and use as a small tablet that I can carry.)
    I don't want to carry 2 devices... (ms-lyme) so the least I can carry the better.
    I'm also having issues with my neck so reading all this over the past 2 weeks to find something, is creating back issues.
    I appreciate any and all help on this device or advise on another that will do it all and within the $ limits. Need to stay around $300 no contract prepaid, (I only use for emergencies, so don't need data either)
    Thanks in advance

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      • stevetjr

        Typically with Samsung nomenclature yes you should be looking for a N900T if you see TB that just means T-Mobile and Black, TW = white etc.   Yes A denotes AT&T and they will advertise they work on T-Mobile and they will for the most part especially in the Note 3 era but they will not support Wi-Fi calling. 


        The only other concern I would have especially having signal issues depending on where you live the Note 3 doesn't support T-Mobile's newest frequencies and while you don't use data it calls can and do now go over LTE on Band 12. Band 12 is a low band spectrum so it carries significantly farther and penetrates buildings, trees and the like much better. Now if you are not in a Band 12 market then of course that doesn't make a difference and I have attached a link to while be it unofficial map it is pretty accurate and up to date so you can see if you are in an area with that coverage, it might be worth a few extra bucks to make sure to get a phone that supports all current available frequencies on T-Mobile and just a quick look I did find some used ones around the number you posted but most are bit higher.  The other benefit of course is the Note 4 is scheduled to get the latest Android update (Marshmallow) so you won't get a device that has an OS that won't be updated anymore.  The T-Mobile Note 4 is the N910T and the Note 3 as mentioned you should be looking for the N900T.


        Map of T-Mobile's 700 MHz spectrum - Spectrum Gateway

          • colleen.schake

            Thank you.

            So a 900 with nothing after it wont use wifi with tmo either?

            And if I founf even the 4 which I'm hesitate to pay extra for. .. wouod also need the t to try the wifi?

            My issue with getting branded is what won't it do with another carrier if my service fails?

            I assumed in past reading the sim card from tmo would turn on these features of unbranded phones.

            Or is it just the note 3 doesn't have the capability and the  note 4 does?

              • stevetjr

                I believe the Note 3 was the last Note that didn't have a letter it even for the international where as now international unlocked models I believe all have the designation of H.


                No the features (namely the Wi-Fi Calling) are not on the SIM card. Yes some required info is encoded on them but the actual programing is on the device and for security is encoded into the actual OS that is why non T-Mobile branded devices won't work with Wi-Fi calling.  It is something that as other carriers start adding the capability that it sounds like Google is going to start building into the base OS like Apple just started doing but for now no you must have a T-Mobile device to have Wi-Fi calling. T-Mobile phones (as long as they are unlocked) will work on AT&T pretty much universally and to some degree depending on the model some of the Verizon network but not all since Verizon and Sprint both used a 2G/3G technology that was only used by them and is only used in the US that is called CDMA.  Sprint phones are pretty unique and generally don't work much on anyone's network but their own and vice versa albeit with a few exceptions.


                Yes with the Note 4 it would need to be a T version also but what you gain besides still getting one more OS upgrade to Marshmallow is it also has an updated radio and supports all the frequencies that T-Mobile is currently using most notably the longer range and penetrating Band 12 which the Note 3 doesn't have that.