what band in Chicago for 4g


    TMobile stores in Chicago seem to not know their own product line.  I have been told that in Chicago 4G LTE has been moved to the 700MHz band and that all other 4G data has been disabled.  My current phone (OK it is old) is an HTC Sensation 4G.  It covers everything but 700MHz and will not connect at 4G in the Chicago area.  I have been traveling in other parts of the country in the last few months and my phone connects to TMobile 4G everywhere but Chicago.  This is the phone specs...


    850 900 1800 1900 MHz


    850 1900 2100 or 900 1700 2100 MHz

    HSDPA 14.4 Mbps

    HSUPA 5.76 Mbps


    What is annoying is TMobile documents that it is converting to the 700MHz band in Chicago area for 4G LTE but no phones in the stores do 700 MHz.  What's the story?

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      • smplyunprdctble

        Re: what band in Chicago for 4g

        The HTC Sensation 4G doesn't have LTE.


        Los Angeles, Chicago and Houston among major T-Mobile markets having their AWS 3G/4G networks shut down this summer » Tm…


        Chicago has had their AWS spectrum for 3G/4G turned off.  In that document shows the upgrade path that was offered back at that time.  I don't know if that upgrade path is still available.

        • stevetjr

          Re: what band in Chicago for 4g

          askierkiewicz wrote:


          What is annoying is TMobile documents that it is converting to the 700MHz band in Chicago area for 4G LTE but no phones in the stores do 700 MHz.  What's the story?


          T-Mobile doesn't have any 700 in Chicago as far I can see or have read.  Cricket was the license holder and when AT&T bought them they were required to divest it and it is now held by a holding company called Laser Inc. Knowing AT&T they have unofficially instructed Laser to sit on it or ask such a price that know one will purchase it for that amount just to keep T-Mobile from getting it. I am sure that is one of the markets T-Mobile has the there eye on for the 600Mhz auction happening now.


          All phones that are LTE capable that T-Mobile sells now have Band 12 (700A).  From what I gather is they shut down the AWS band for UMTS to use all of that for Band 4 LTE (1700/2100).


          If someone with a Samsung phone in Chicago can and is on LTE can dial *#0011# it will tell you what Band the phone is connected to and how wide the channel is.  In Atlanta we are on Band 4 and it is 20x20 (wideband LTE).  I know Band 4 is T-Mobile's primary US LTE Band but there are a few markets that I know use Band 2 (1900) or L1900 as T-Mobile calls it because they don't have any AWS (1700/2100) spectrum in those markets. Band 12 where available in most markets is a secondary channel and only gets used by a device when it can't maintain a Band 4 connection because like in Atlanta Band 4 is 20x20 Band 12 is only 5x5 which from my research is what it appears to be in most markets that have Band 12 so obviously they want to keep a bulk and as much traffic on the wider Band 4.

          • drnewcomb2

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            My understanding was that Laser was not controlled by AT&T but rather by the remaining Leap stockholders. Yes, they are probably asking a premium price for that license. Chicago has become a problem-child market for T-Mobile, with inadequate mid-band and no low-band licenses. Not a market where I'd want to make do with a non-LTE device.

              • stevetjr

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                I am sure they make it appear AT&T doesn't control Laser but we all know how that works when a holding company is created by AT&T on behalf of the LEAP shareholders which dollars to donuts AT&T (or some subsidiary) is one of the share holders. The value of the 700A block has been going down as the 600 auction has started and I think that is why you have seen a lot of these "holding companies" or investment groups start to sell off their holdings to T-Mobile recently because they know the best carrier that will want this spectrum is T-Mobile since they are now one of if not the largest holders of 700A spectrum but if they go into the auction and buy 600 in that market they now have much less incentive to pay top dollar for 700A. I also bet if AT&T didn't buy LEAP that T-Mobile would probably own that spectrum now as LEAP would have sold it for cash.


                But I have seen AT&T pull low ball stuff on so many occasions not just to help themselves but to scr** the competition, heck just look at the whole 700 deal to begin with and why we have 2 700 bands instead of 1. 

              • tmo_mike_c

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                Hey askierkiewicz and thanks for posting.


                smply is right. This phone doesn't support LTE. Because of the change in coverage in Chicago, this phone would only be able to access the 2G services. I would suggest you Contact Us and speak with Customer Care about upgrade options. Using another device compatible with the changes will help you take advantage of our service there.