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Note 4 Marshmallow update. When?


    Why is it that the T-mobile support  has the Marshmallow update for the Note 4 listed as still in the manufacture testing for T-mobile while Samsung has it released for all the other Phone carrier's?

    Does Samsung and T-mobil not have a good relationship?

    Just wondering and waiting. (Still)

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      • matesny

        Samsung needs to hire more people to develop updates quicker and thus, charge the carriers more for the update contracts.

        None of that is going to happen.

        • chakram41

          It will be unanswered question for life I guess. Decided not buy Samsung devices anymore and from T-Mobile espically. These are the last to get updates. Sad and sic.

          • If anyone is concerned about timely software updates as there primary concern for a mobile device, may i suggest buying either a Nexus device or unlocked non carrier device, as those devices are updated when google updates. The process for updates for carrier branded handsets is strategic and sales motivated. If you desire the latest and greatest use the Jump program which will also solve any impatience.

            • t_rob76

              4. Re: Note 4 Marshmallow update. When?

              would love to, but as my house is basically a concrete box and my street (middle of Los Angeles) has shoddy coverage, i get no reception and rely on WiFi calling, thus no unlocked device.  Also, nexus devices are severely lacking, no expandable storage, mediocre camera, under-powered processor.  if they had a nexus that could compete i would definitely jump ship.

              • sriram0706

                This seems like a lesson! Marshmallow updates have been pushed out on all other carriers except T-Mobile.

                I'll never ever buy a device directly from T-Mobile. Also, planning to switch over to another carrier.

                • theartiszan

                  6. Re: Note 4 Marshmallow update. When?

                  You do know that T-Mobile has very little control over updates.

                  Samsung does all the development and if there is a problem in testing it needs to go back to Samsung for fixes.

                  On average last I saw, T-Mobile is the second on average to release updates for their devices.

                  • arianknight

                    7. Re: Note 4 Marshmallow update. When?

                    Wow. When the answer is negative, people do tend to resort to statistics. T-Mobile may be better or same as others in comparison, but at the end of the day if customer is not happy with the outcome, it doesn't matter.


                    You can try to explain as much as you want, but the fact is others have the updates for same device while T-Mobile users don't.


                    To make it worse, there is no timeline which can at least provide some semblance of light at the end of the tunnel.


                    Think for a second: Your train is the fastest train in the world and on an average it reaches its destination in time but currently other trains have reached and you are waiting while unable to get down to the tracks and no ETA provided on when you will reach. Now how will that make you feel.


                    It's hard for me to imagine T-Mobile does business with Samsung without a Service Level Agreement.


                    In any case, I am just another passenger in the same train waiting to reach my destination, hoping it will start to move again soon while cursing the time I decided to get on this train.

                    • stevetjr

                      8. Re: Note 4 Marshmallow update. When?

                      arianknight wrote:




                      In any case, I am just another passenger in the same train waiting to reach my destination, hoping it will start to move again soon while cursing the time I decided to get on this train.


                      What is funny though and this is a true story but had an acquaintance that was upset because the device he had and yes was a T-Mobile device was last in that particular update cycle so he wouldn't listen that it is seemingly random as to which carrier was first, second and so on.  So he bailed, took a hit and sold his phone to a 3rd party and signed on with Big Red because they were the biggest so supposedly the best. Next update guess who was last lol and while not first T-Mobile was second about 2 weeks behind Sprint who pretty much takes the updates as is and turns them loose with little or no testing anymore so they can be first at something. None of the carriers give timelines about updates and frankly T-Mobile gives more info than any of them at this point. Hopefully with Google apparently trying to modularize Android N so they can keep their updates separate from the areas that the manufactures "tweek" so Google could send out updates that won't interfere with the likes of Touchwiz, Sense and etal. From the articles I have read this should significantly speed the update process along with Google releasing the earliest alpha versions of the software to the manufacturers so they can get and even faster jump on it.

                      • arianknight

                        9. Re: Note 4 Marshmallow update. When?

                        Yep, so we are admitting here that all carriers are bad and T-Mobile is no different so better suck up to it.


                        I do not expect T-Mobile to be first at everything and release buggy stuff, not that they haven't release buggy stuff in the past anyway. I just expect them to be able to provide a timeline. Providing more information then others do not mean they are better.


                        Waiting to see when we will get to Android N considering we are not even at M with no end in sight.


                        Thanks for all the insight though.

                        • rule1564

                          10. Re: Note 4 Marshmallow update. When?

                          Considering this is most likely the last major update to our phone,  I don't mind tmobile taking extra time as long as it's a solid update.  N is a pipe dream.  Our phone will be 2 years old by the time N comes out and it'll take Samsung another 6 months to push it to their international phones.  Samsung doesn't support phones over 2 years old with major updates. Best we can hope for is a security update once a year; and that's if there's is a major security flaw found.

                          • talon1189

                            11. Re: Note 4 Marshmallow update. When?

                            I agree. The Note 4 will probably see Marshmallow as the final upgrade. I want the upgrade tomorrow but am willing to wait another month if it comes to us "bug free". Most users want to be the very first to tell their friends...."We got the Marshmallow update before you" ..... Who gives a poop. They are also the very first ones to complain and post about all the "bugs" that come with it because it was so rushed I can guarantee you if they got it before you..... it is just full of "issues" When I received my Lollypop upgrade from T-Mobile I am confident that it will be pretty much bug free We waited forever for the Lollypop .... What is another month or so really?

                            • arianknight

                              12. Re: Note 4 Marshmallow update. When?

                              I agree that its better to wait and get a better bug free product instead of getting something that is half baked sooner and crib about it later.


                              I can wait for as long as it needs but my point was it helps if there is a tentative timeline to it. Without an end in sight, any wait seems longer and unfruitful.


                              But that's just my opinion.

                              • tidbits

                                14. Re: Note 4 Marshmallow update. When?

                                Yes as it should... There's a lot of things the international version doesn't have. Like carrier aggregation, wifi calling, RCS, and gogo messaging just to name a few. You may not use these features but a lot of people might or like to keep the option. It isn't that simple.

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