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    Anything with any sort of adult content I cannot view, why? If there is a restriction how do I take it off?

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      • matesny

        Re: Adult content restrictions

        Ask your parents

        Your content is filtered through a Webguard that is only accessible by the Primary Account Holder.

        • smplyunprdctble

          Re: Adult content restrictions

          Web Guard


          As stated above, if you're not the Primary Account Holder (PAH), you'll have to get the PAH to disable it for your line.


          If you are the PAH, you should be able to see it to take it off at your leisure.


          If you're prepaid, I THINK it's on by default (as anyone can get a prepaid account).  You'll have to contact T-Mobile to get it disabled (I don't know if they make you pinky swear you're old enough or how they handle that) - Contact Us


          Also, adult content is bad for you... yeah.. that's it

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